Corinne Cahen participated in the "fireside" of the Exectuvies of the Greater Region Summit

At the invitation of the President of the Grand Est, Jean Rottner, and the President of the Moselle Department, Patrick Weiten, the executives of the Greater Region met at the Château de Malbrouck in Manderen on 7 october.

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The French Presidency of the Greater Region Summit wished to draw up an initial assessment of the health crisis, cross-border cooperation during this crisis, and the bad weather and flooding in July 2021.

The executives of the Greater Region welcomed the good cooperation between their regions and countries during the health crisis and the floods, but regretted the closure of borders. Thanks to the weekly meetings of the prefect of the Grand Est by videoconference, the communication with Berlin and Paris could be simplified and the cross-border situation was repeatedly explained by all the partners of the Grand Region.

On the initiative of Jean Rottner, the summit executives agreed to draw up a white paper in order to draw the right lessons from the health crisis.

"Few European cross-border regions are as interconnected as ours. Our citizens experience the Greater Region on a daily basis", stressed the Luxembourg Minister for the Greater Region, Corinne Cahen. "I hope that our region will be able to take advantage of the dual French presidency of the Grande Région Summit and the Council of the EU to better take into account the needs of people who live near the borders and who cross them regularly, whether for work, leisure or simply to see their friends and family," she added.

The topics of training, employment and mobility will be on the agenda for the coming months. Not forgetting Esch 2022, European City of Culture, which will involve the Greater Region and more particularly the Grand Est.

Press release by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region

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