Several COVID-19-related infections at CIPA Pescatore in Luxembourg City

The Fondation Jean-Pierre Pescatore is currently experiencing a cluster of people infected with COVID-19 in the same living unit.

9 persons, 8 residents and 1 staff member, are currently positive to COVID-19.

7 residents are fully vaccinated (6 residents have received 3 doses; 1 resident has received 2 doses) the majority of them have minor or no symptoms. 3 residents, whose health has already been altered due to other co-morbidities, are currently hospitalised.

The staff member who tested positive is fully vaccinated.

The Integrated Centre for the Elderly has implemented all the measures recommended by the Health Inspectorate of the Health Directorate.

Thus, on the affected unit, the common rooms are closed, activities are suspended and visits are limited.

The main CIPA restaurant will also remain closed.

A next PCR test of the LNS for the residents and staff of the concerned unit is scheduled for tomorrow (30 November 2021). A PCR test for the whole CIPA community (residents and staff) is scheduled for 2 December.

Press release by the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region, the Ministry of Health and CIPA Fondation Jean-Pierre Pescatore

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