Conditions for approval

Conditions to be fulfilled: Natural persons

You must meet several conditions and provide proof of professional experience and training following your basic training:

Basic Training

Diplôme de fin d’études secondaires[1]

Diplôme de fin d’études secondaires[1]

Diplôme d’aptitude professionnelle[1]


in the psychosocial, educational, socio-educational, medico-social and socio-family fields

in any other field

in any other field

+ professional experience

3 years [2] 

Case 1

Case  2

5 years [2] 

3 years [2]

5 years [2] 

+ "legislation" training


20 hours [3]


100 hours [4]

of which at least 20 hours in the field of legislation [3] and at least 20 hours in the disability field [5]

+ "disability" training


20 hours [5]


+ language skills

You must understand and speak one of the three administrative languages: Luxembourgish or German or French.

+ conditions of good repute

"Casier vierge" (blank record): you must present a form n ° 3 of the criminal record dating from less than three months. 

+ CCSS affiliation

You must be affiliated with the Common Social Security Center in the event of professional practice in Luxembourg.

Do you have questions about your professional experience? Are you missing continuing education? Then contact the collaborators of the ministry who will be happy to guide you.

After obtaining approval, you can exercise the assistance activity as a self-employed person or as an employee of an assistance service.

Conditions to be fulfilled: Legal persons

The natural persons who work as an employee of the assistance service (legal person) must be assistants approved by the ministry, in accordance with the provisions set out in the point above.

Each member of the administrative or management body of the assistance service must present a form n ° 3 of the criminal record dated less than three months in order to fulfill the conditions of good repute.

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[1]  Luxembourgish or foreign, recognized as equivalent in Luxembourg.

[2]  in the fields of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory disability or in the field of autism spectrum disorders.

[3]  in matters relating to national and international legislation: introduction to labor law / introduction to legislation on long-term care insurance / Luxembourg legislation on the rights of people with disabilities / UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities / legislation on the employment of employees unable to perform their last job.

[4]  in the psychosocial, pedagogical, socio-educational, medico-social and socio-family fields.

[5]  in subjects concerning general knowledge about disability: the different types of disability according to the WHO international classification of functioning, disability and health / the various services and organizations working in the field of disability / the principles of the well-treatment of people with disabilities.

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