Organisations and integration

Established at national level, the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg is a text of commitment proposed for signature by all types of organisations in Luxembourg so that they commit to act in favour of the promotion of diversity through concrete actions going beyond the legal and regulatory obligations of non-discrimination.

Numerous studies show that companies, administrations and organisations that recognise the potential of their diverse workforce are more successful than those that do not.

Diversity management addresses social and economic challenges such as:

  •     Complying with legal and regulatory constraints, particularly in the fight against discrimination;
  •     Preventing image and reputation risk;
  •     Demonstrating its commitment as a socially responsible company;
  •     Optimise its human resources management;
  •     Increase the company's performance, both socially and economically.

Diversity is at the heart of the functioning of democracies and constitutes a major challenge for the world of work. Luxembourg, at the crossroads of the European Union, is not immune to this transformation. It has therefore decided to adopt a Diversity Charter in order to facilitate this transition, both for companies and for society as a whole.

Every year, since the creation of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg in 2012, a signing session brings together new organisations wishing to formalise the beginning of their commitment to diversity. To date, more than 200 organisations have committed themselves to promoting and managing diversity.

The Minister for Family, Integration and the Greater Region, Corinne Cahen, is the Charter's patron. 

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