Associations and integration

The Department of Integration works closely with many associations and NGOs that promote integration and/or foreigners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More specifically the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region concludes a partnership agreement with certain organisations to carry out activities in favour of integration.

In 2022, the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region will finance the activities of ASTI, CLAE, CEFIS and Caritas:

  • The agreement with ASTI covers 3 areas of activity: the support of municipalities, direct oral translations and the information desk for migrants (Guichet Info-Migrants).
  • The agreement with Caritas covers 2 areas: Reception (Structuring the offer) and the Oasis Centre.
  • CEFIS is active in the pilot municipalities of the "Pakt vum Zesummeliewen", conducting a study on racism and ethno-racial discrimination and raising awareness about voter registration.
  • CLAE promotes the reception, information, orientation and training of individuals on the one hand, and supports the expression of associations and citizenship on the other, while seeking to promote new citizen paradigms.

You can find more details about the different activities here.

Subsidies to associations

The Ministry for Family, Integration and the Greater Region can also grant subsidies to associations that develop an innovative project in the field of integration and/or the fight against discrimination and that submit a subsidy application to implement it.

The following may apply for a grant:

  • non-profit organisations;
  • federations.

Projects submitted with the necessary documents no later than 6 weeks before the start of the project will be analysed by the Department of Integration, which will evaluate the eligibility of the project on the basis of the project description and the estimated budget. 

In particular, projects aimed at organising specific events and/or producing and publishing concrete deliverables (brochures, exhibitions, videos, etc.) aimed at raising awareness of and promoting integration and the fight against discrimination are eligible.

In 2023, particular attention will be given to projects aimed at the political participation of non-Luxembourgers or the fight against discrimination.

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