Associations and integration

The Department of Integration works closely with many associations and NGOs that promote integration and/or foreigners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region concludes a convention or collaboration agreement with certain organisations to carry out activities in favour of integration.


In 2021, the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region will finance the following activities:

    ASTI: Accompaniment of municipalities, direct oral translation and the Migrant Information Desk (document in French)

    CLAE: Citizen's reception area, support for associations and promotion of new citizen paradigms (document in French)

    CEFIS: Support for the implementation of 8 municipal integration plans and study on racism and discrimination (document in French)

    Caritas: Structuring of basic information on life in Luxembourg and Oasis Centre (document in French)

Subsidies to associations

The Ministry for Family, Integration and the Greater Region can also grant subsidies to associations that develop an innovative project in the field of integration and/or the fight against discrimination and that submit a subsidy application to implement it.

The following may apply for a grant:

  • non-profit organisations;
  • federations.

In view of the exceptional situation caused by the pandemic, the Department of Integration has decided to deviate from the usual procedure for granting subsidies to associations.

Applications for subsidies no longer have to be submitted 6 weeks before the start of the project. Any association that carries out a project that promotes intercultural living during the months of October, November or December 2021 can apply for a grant.

Any association that can demonstrate a loss of income due to the health crisis can submit this element when submitting the application. Evidence of financial difficulties will thus be considered as an asset.

All grant applications are analysed according to an adapted system of criteria, but should be submitted using the usual grant application form.

Please use the attached application form.

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