Group for Exchange and Support on Integration at Local level (GRESIL)

In order to better support the municipalities in their integration activities, and following the second National Integration Conference at the local level, the Department of Integration, SYVICOL and the ASTI Intercultural Agency have initiated an inter-municipal exchange and support group, enabling the development of local actors' skills in terms of local best practices through exchange and work in thematic workshops.

This Group for Exchange and Support on Integration at Local level (Groupe d'échange et de soutien en matière d'intégration au niveau local - GRESIL) gathers actors from the field of local integration for an intensive exchange of experiences, the acquisition of important know-how and the development of professional skills. The dialogue group provides a platform for municipalities to communicate, inform, train and support each other on the issue of living together at the local level. It offers:

  • Networking of municipal, governmental and non-profit actors,
  • appreciation and exchange of good practices,
  • support for the implementation of integration measures.

The results of each session are edited, published and made available to all municipalities in the form of informational brochures.

*new* Find here all the information about the GRESIL 10 in Colmar-Berg.

More about the GRESIL here.  

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