Corinne Cahen at the "Journée de Gérontologie" 2021

On 6 October, the minister for Family Affairs and Integration, Corinne Cahen, partook in the Gerontology Day organised by the ALGG (Association luxembourgeoise de gérontologie & gériatrie) in collaboration with the SMLGG (Société Médicale Luxembourgeoise de Gériatrie et de Gérontologie).

Corinne Cahen during her speech at the "Journée de Gérontologie"

Organised every first Wednesday in October, the event is aimed at gerontology/geriatrics professionals.

This year's discussions focused, among other things, on the health crisis and its impact on the elderly as well as on the images of ageing in our society.

In her speech, Corinne Cahen thanked all professionals for their commitment to the elderly, especially during the pandemic. At the same time, the minister also stressed the importance of continuing to promote positive images of ageing, notably through the concept of "active ageing".

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